Founding Honorary Patron – Roger Upton MBE

Roger Upton

Roger was the natural choice for Honorary Patron since his influence, more than any other, fed our committee members’ passions for falconry’s heritage.  A renowned falconer who has been actively involved in falconry for over fifty years, flying hawks for the late HM Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother as well as other members of the Royal Family, Roger’s extensive experience as a practical falconer is mirrored by his position as Britain’s leading expert on falconry heritage.  He served as President of the British Falconers’ Club until 2013.

A prolific author on the sport, not to mention a talented sculptor, Roger also has extensive experience of hawking in Arabia and is affectionately known by his friends in the Arab states as Bin Shahin – “son of the falcon.”  His friendship with Arab falconers, including the late HH Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan al Nahyan, former ruler of the UAE, is such that in March 2014 he won recognition for his significant contribution to Anglo-Emirati relations in the form of the prestigious Abu Dhabi Award.  Following this, in June 2014, his services to the cultural heritage of falconry in the UK and overseas were recognised with an MBE.

Roger sadly passed away on 29 October 2017


A Bird in the Hand: Celebrated Falconers of the Past (1980)

O, For a Falconer’s Voice: Memoirs of the Old Hawking Club (1987)

Falconry: Principles and Practice (1991)

Arab Falconry: History of a Way of Life. (2001)

Hood, Leash and Lure: Falconry in the 20th Century (2004)

Jallad: The Story of a Falcon

Contributions to numerous book, magazines and journals