Honorary Patron – Lt. Col. (Ret’d) S. Kent Carnie

Kent Carnie

A lifelong falconer, Kent has held a variety of positions in American national falconry organizations since the 1950s.  Although trained as a zoologist, he enjoyed a military career focused principally in the Middle East. Following his military service Kent’s keen interest in falconry history caused him concern with the loss of the physical evidence of that history as American pioneers in the sport passed away. To preserve that heritage Kent envisioned, established, and then directed the Archives of American Falconry (AAF) at The Peregrine Fund’s World Centre for Birds of Prey in Boise, Idaho from 1986 until his retirement from that position in 2007.

The AAF quickly gained the respect and recognition of falconers internationally and, as a repository unique in the world for falconry memorabilia, objects and documents from other countries were sent to the AAF for preservation.  The donation of an Arab majilis tent led to the creation of a new wing, dedicated to Arabian falconry heritage and sponsored by falconers of the United Arab Emirates. The AAF’s growing involvement in falconry heritage on a global scale led to the Archives’ redesignation as The Archives of Falconry (TAF).  Since then, Kent has contributed to many publications and has recently published a monumental work on the history of falconry in the Americas from its earliest records, dating back to early colonial times.  He has received awards including the Freienmuth Award for services to the North American Falconers’ Association (NAFA) in 1999, the International Association for Falconry and Conservation of Birds of Prey’s President’s Award for efforts to preserve falconry heritage internationally in 2006 and the Archives of Falconry/NAFA Heritage Award in recognition of his efforts to preserve America’s falconry heritage in 2007.  He is also an honorary member of both the North American Falconers’ Association and the British Falconers’ Club.

Aside from preserving a truly awe-inspiring collection of falconry related items, TAF has published a number of significant titles on falconry’s heritage and culture globally.  Kent’s example was a key inspiration in the objective of setting up our very own archives in the UK to preserve Britain’s long and significant falconry heritage. His expertise, knowledge and enthusiasm continue to be a great asset to us.


The American Hood (1994)

An Ancient Sport in the New World: A History of Falconry in the Americas (2013

Contributing author:

Hossein Amirsadeghi (2008) Skyhunters.

Innumerable articles in falconry publications on the sport, its regulation and administration