Director – Nicholas Havemann-Mart

Nick Havemann-Mart

Nick (on left) is a businessman and long-time falconer with an immense passion for the sport, and is very much a leading figure in British falconry. He runs a family business, Honeybrook Animal Foods, which is a major sponsor of the British Archives of Falconry and other falconry enterprises in Britain and beyond, including sponsorship of the International Festival of Falconry and of the publication of “The Lure of Falconry” – the catalogue of an exhibition at Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum organised with Dutch falconers.

Nick has served as Director of the British Falconers’ Club, remaining on its council, has sat on the Hawk Board and is the President of the Welsh Hawking Club.  His main interest is in gamehawking with falcons and, for a number of years, he has maintained a grouse moor in Scotland.  In addition, he hawks annually on partridge ground in Spain, maintaining close links with Spanish falconers. He is extremely generous in giving many days to other falconers, in contributing to archived material and is a strong patron of falconry artists.