Director – David Horobin

David Horobin

With a passion for falconry and its heritage stretching back to childhood, David has successfully flown goshawks in the past, though at present work commitments in further and higher education, specialising in dyslexia diagnosis and support, preclude active falconry.  As a result, his energies have largely been focused on academic research and writing on the sport’s heritage alongside serving on a number of committees of various clubs, notably the Welsh Hawking Club, and wider field sports bodies.  A keen all round country sportsman, he recently commenced whipping-in to beagles.  He helped organise heritage exhibits at the International Festivals of Falconry, both those held in Britain and the UAE, with Paul Beecroft, Peter Devers and Kent Carnie.

David has a particular passion for early-modern and nineteenth century British falconry heritage and aside from his own work, has assisted with academic research and practical/cultural work on falconry.  This has ranged from assisting a scholar in Jerusalem with unique research into medieval Jewish involvement in the sport to editing the English translation of the first practical French language treatise on the art of falconry since 1948.  He is currently proofreading proceedings of an academic conference of falconry held in Schleswig in March 2014, to which he contributed a paper on literary influences on British falconry.  He also plans to work on transcription of a recently discovered 15th century English manuscript with Paul Beecroft.


Falconry in Literature: The Symbolism of Falconry in English Literature from Chaucer to Marvell (2004)

Latham’s Falconry: A Commentary, (2012) – with reprint of Symon Latham’s 1633 text

The Pen and the Peregrine: Literary influences on the development of British falconry (2015) Academic paper in proceedings of Schleswig conference

Edited or revised English translations of the following:

G. Malacarne (2011) Lords of the Sky: Falconry in Mantua at the time of the Gonzagas (trans. of Italian original)

E. Hinterding et al (2012) The Lure of Falconry (Catalogue of exhibition at Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum)

L. de Bastyai (2013) Memories of a Master Falconer (edited with Paul Beecroft and Mark Upton)

J. Van Gerven and B. Mondelaers (2013) English language audio-tour (for Valkenswaard Museum, NL)

P. Morel (2015) The Art of Falconry (trans. of French original)

Various authors (2015) Academic papers in proceedings of Schleswig Conference