An Outline of Our Educational Aims and Activities

Whilst we aim to preserve and record items of significance to falconry’s heritage, we recognise that such preservation has little purpose unless future generations can benefit from access to the Archives’ collections.  As part of our mission, we hope to disseminate knowledge of our sport’s heritage to all interested parties.

Between items in our current holdings and those of committee members’ libraries, we hold what must be one of the most comprehensive collections of books, journals and other written sources on falconry, some of which are very scarce.  We thus welcome enquiries from researchers looking into falconry heritage and have already offered assistance to academics working on a range of subjects in a number of countries.

Although access to items can be arranged where desired, we also hope to be proactive in exhibiting items where possible in order to educate the public about falconry’s heritage.  We thus seek collaboration with other bodies with similar interests in heritage.  In some cases, exhibitions might be held in conjunction with other institutions that have significant falconry collections and we trust our expertise (see profiles below) might be used to interpret items in other national collections.

Alongside this, we are in the process of putting together small scale display cabinets of items and images which might be displayed at locations around Britain, and are also actively seeking to publish items of interest to falconers and the public alike.  We have recently published the hitherto unpublicised memoirs of falconer Lorant de Bastyai and have a number of other projects in the pipeline.

Since there are such strong international links between falconers, and our common passion knows no boundaries of nationality, creed or colour, we are actively seeking ways to assist other nations to set up their own localised falconry archives.  We will pursue this aim through the International Association of Falconry and Conservation of Birds of Prey and informal links on a more personal level.