Advisory Committee Members

Our wider Advisory Committee boasts an impressive collection of falconers with a wide range of skills, ranging from academic research and writing to technological expertise with high-grade exhibition technology.

Our overseas members, Peter Devers and Patrizia Cimberio, are experts in different fields who have kindly volunteered their assistance.  Peter has an incredible knowledge of falconry history and has edited a reprint of possibly the world’s scarcest printed falconry work in English – “A Short Discourse of Hawking to the Field” (only one copy is known to exist, in Yale University) which his detective work attributed to Sir Thomas Sherley.  Patrizia has worked with a number of prestigious institutions, including the Vatican Museum.  She worked with the Vatican to produce an electronic “turning pages” version of Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II’s monumental treatise on falconry, De Arte Venandi cum Avibus” with an Arabic translation for the Third International Festival of Falconry in Abu Dhabi – a true example of falconry transcending religious and cultural barriers.

Originally from Estonia, Jevgeni Shergalin maintains an electronic archive for the Falconry Heritage Trust, based in Wales.  This organisation, international in scope, works with local archives and falconers around the world and offers bursaries and other support to researchers of falconry heritage.  Jevgeni has assisted with many publications, notably those where translation from Russian has opened up new avenues, and is our liaison with the FHT.

Other Committee members include active falconers with a passion for heritage, including collectors of historic books, artwork and other items, and they boast experience in business, politics and academia.  Helen McDonald is an academic who has worked at both Oxford and Cambridge and produced anthologies of poetry, radio plays, a published study on the historical and cultural significance of the falcon and, most recently, her critically acclaimed autobiographical title, “H is for Hawk.” This remarkable book, winner of both the Johnson Prize for Literature and the Costa Prize, follows in the footsteps of T.H. White’s “The Goshawk.”  Dr David Fox is an academic historian and museum curator with interests in the Zulu Wars alongside his passion for hawking with eagles, on which he has recently published a title.

Our Committee’s collective skills and experience in not only every form of falconry practised in the British Isles, but also in all potential disciplines and areas of study we could feasibly require, enable us to put across our passion for falconry’s heritage to fellow falconers and the wider public alike.